Vastu For Buildings

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How can these Vastu Energy Plates solve one's problem and render a peaceful life? Let's take a detailed study on what all aspects these plates can benefit the individuals. Before the flooring is laid, these plates are to be used and is about 8*8 inches* 10mm thick.

Vastu Shashtra for Building -

Also, it comprises a pair of plastic plates amongst which an energy pad is shaped and is covered with aluminum coil all around. Once the base is ready for laying granite or tile flooring, one plate has to be laid in each room's corner. Hence, four plates are needed and only living and bed rooms are to be considered.
However, it is not much required in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. After placing the plates, cement layer can be covered before laying a floor tile or slab. Thus, the rooms with those plates get wrapped with a pyramid field and all the benefits of such energy are installed.