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6 Key tips to ensure Vaastu Shastra compliance in your home

The importance of good structures and foundations can never be over stressed. According to Vaastu, all good thing attached with from the accurate structure of a building, whether for an office and for a house. Unfortunately, most builders don’t recognize Vastu Shastra as a science and totally ignore its effects during building construction.

  1. Plot
    Try to buy a plot that is in rectangular shape, It helps to create a good home design and brings harmony & avoiding land wastage. East, West & North Facing Plots are helpful in certain Vastu Principles and preferred as they provide us a Good Entrance. South Facing Plots are not bad, however they are the last option.

  2. Building Position
    Leave more space towards North and East side of the House. It gives a positive energy to the members of the house and improves health. If your house has road on the 3 sides, its people suffer tension and stress related problems.

  3. Entry
    The main entrance in your house should be in the North or in the East direction. This allows the morning sunrays, light, and fresh air, to fall on the main door and hence spreads a positive energy in the house.

  4. Kitchen
    Kitchen is an essential part of the house, the Vastu steps to increase the aura of the kitchen, taking into about its certain crucial elements. These include the location in which the kitchen is located, placements of the doors and windows in the kitchen, area of the kitchen in the house, placement of gas cylinder, refrigerator, electronic gadgets and even the sink.

  5. Living room

  6. In every home, the living/drawing room is most important place for gathering in the house, which makes the house unfavourable or favourable for residence. It is that part of the our house where you spend time with your family and also for entertaining guests.

  7. Pooja Room
    The mandir or pooja room holds a very special place in a house. This is a place of dedication, trust, truth, hope, and peace. The location of your pooja room is very important in defining its auspicious aura. North-east is an ideal direction followed by east and north. if the North-East direction is unavailable in your home, then you can make your pooja room in West or East direction.