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Vastu shastra tips for planting a Neem tree in your home

Vastu shastra tips for planting a Neem tree in your home

Neem tree is also one of the best Vastu trees for home. In astrology, neem is connected to Ketu and Saturn. Therefore, for the calmness of both the planets, a Neem tree should be planted in your house. In many places in India, the neem tree is considered to be the form of Maa Durga. With regards to Vastu shastra and feng shui, various individuals have various convictions. Here, we give you a few helpful hints on Vastu agreeable plants and trees. The presence of neem plants inside the home drives out decidedly and a sound climate.

According to Vastu Shastra, you should plant a Neem tree in the northwest corner of your house. Burn some neem leaves consistently to eliminate numerous Vastu defects from the house. Trees are an absorbing method for decking up your property inside and outside. These add magnificence to your property as well as better air quality in your home. While certain trees are utilized for beautification purposes, there are some that are utilized for restorative and cooking purposes, as well. One such tree is that of neem. Known for its large number of therapeutic advantages, neem is additionally known to be promising for the house.

According to Vastu specialists, establishing a neem tree in the house garden carries harmony and amicability to the inhabitants and eliminates every one of the negativities and harshness of seeing someone. Allow the air to move through the neem tree into the main room of the house. This is useful for the strength of the relatives. Performing havan with neem wood brings peace to Shani and taking bath by putting its leaves in water removes Ketu-related problems.

Known as the best healers, neem tree leaves are utilized in relieving numerous issues including wounds, cuts, consumes since old occasions. As per Vastu, the neem plant ought to be set in the North-West corner. It is said that assuming the air moving through the neem leaves enters the main room, it carries great wellbeing to the family. So place it right close to an open window. Plants do not just give a new, green feel to your home however they likewise influence your prosperity in a greater number of ways than one. Vastu is considered auspicious and also it has medicinal properties.