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Virgo / Kanya Rashi

Swami of Virgo / Kanya Rashi is: Mercury / Budh

To, Tau, Pa, Pha, Pi, Pee, Phi, Pu, Poo, Phu, Sha, Ana, Ane, Na, Th, Pe, Pay, Pha Po, Pau, Pho

Which facing house is good for Kanya Rashi (Virgo)?

Individuals brought into the world under the sign Virgo should forgot living in South-confronting houses. Karma is never on their side and they may need to confront different issues in various regions.

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  • Virgoans are shy and sensitive. Virgoans usually walk with a curved neck. Smiling is a peculiar sign of their natureVirgoans are practical, intelligent and love refinement in life.
  • This sign is made up of the last three charans of uttara phalguni, Hasta, and the first two charans of Chitra Nakshatras.
  • The persons with the influence have lively smiling faces, and carefree gait. Virgoans are lazy and lethargic by nature. They are slow workers also. Virgoans have shrill voice.
  • Virgoans sometimes lose luster of body.
  • Virgoans are intelligent, middle-heighted. Virgoans are artisans by nature. Virgoans are observant, patient, sensible, studious, soft spoken, and logical.
  • Virgoans do not reveal their secrets.
  • Virgoans are shrewd but discrete.
  • Virgoans fall victims to stomach ailments like diarrhea, loose motions, stomach aches.
  • Allergy of skin is also their ailment.
  • Travel is their favorite passion.
  • Virgoans seldom lose temper.
  • Lottery, speculation is their taste. Usually Virgoans shift from their place of birth.
  • Virgoans acquire estate or property at the fag end of life.
  • Special care in these Years: 4, 16, 23, 36, and 55
  • Lucky Years: 10, 15, 25, 39, 53, and 66