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5 Vastu Shastra ideas for your living room

In every home, the living/drawing room is most important place. Its is the place where people love to spend time with family members together and entertaining guests also. Here are some ideas for using Vastu to energize in your living room.

  1. Television
    The south-east corner is suitable place for the television in a living room. Avoid fixing television in North-West direction then the family will waste most of costly time watching TV only.

  2. Furniture
    It’s time to choose furniture for your living area, articles and heavy things in West or South side. whenever there is no choice, then you can use a base of 1-3 inches height to keep your furniture in North or North-East area.

  3. Curtains
    If your living room windows face North-East direction then you can use light curtains and heavy curtains for the south-west wall, windows and doors of the living room.

  4. Lighting
    Light is a very important element in living room. Bright rooms invite positive energy and very attractive just as dark rooms repel it.

  5. Wall colour
    As per vastu shastra, green, blue, white and light yellow are the best option for the living room as they bring in peaceful vibes. those colours bring positive energy to the living room. Avoid red and black for living room walls.