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Vastu Tips for Money Plant

The Money plant is one of the famous plants and trees utilised in the act of Vastu Shastra.You must have often seen money plant installed at home, office or shop.The green colour of the money plant is soothing to the eyes.Money plant is contemplate very auspicious from the point of view of Vastu Shastra. It is believed that planting this plant brings good luck and brings wealth and prosperity to the family.The Money Plant in Vastu Shastra is said to bring riches and prosperity for the homeowners. It should be placed in the north or east direction of the house. Cash Plants in Homes can be put inside and even rooms however never close to the headrest or hassock of the beds. It is viewed as extremely fortunate to put Money Plants in overhangs anyway; it ought to be set in the upper east side of the gallery. It is one of the most generally utilised Vastu plants for Money.

Many times, after planting this plant, the opposite result grows.In such a situation, the importance of Vastu increases, and money plants should be placed according to Vastu. Let us know about the important things related to money plant.If you are thinking of setting up a money plant, then take care of its direction. Lord Ganesha is the god of the igneous angle, it removes all the obstacles. Planting a money plant in this direction leads to an increase in wealth along with happiness, as well as the effect of communication of positive power.Money plants should never be planted in the north-east direction.

Doing so has the opposite effect. Money is lost in lieu of profit, doing so can lead to financial loss and tension in relationships. Therefore, keep this in mind while planting a money plant.By applying money plancha in the igneous angle, Venus becomes strong and happiness, prosperity and opulence increase in the house. Venus is the representative of the igneous angle, because of this it is considered best to place a money plant in this direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the money plant should always be placed inside the house. Do not plant it outside even by forgetting, planting outside can cause the plant to dry up after being affected by the negative energy of others. It is believed that the more green and upward the vine of the money plant goes, the more it is considered to be beneficial.

Some people plant thorny plants along with the money plant, in such a situation, the money plant flourishes but you do not get any special benefit from it, in such a situation, if friends have planted a money plant in the house, then never plant thorny plants in front of it. Along with this, such plants should also not be planted in front of the money plant, which are related to Mars, Sun, Moon because the effect of Venus is believed to be on the money plant and Venus has hostile relations with Sun, Mars, Moon.

Along with Vastu, the plant of money plant is also very good from the point of view of interior. Money plant not only increases wealth but also brings sweetness in relationships. You can put it anywhere indoors or outdoors. If you want, you can plant it in a pot, otherwise you can also plant it in a bottle. This was discussed in Vastu Shastra about the money plant plant. Hope you will fix the Vastu of your house by adopting these Vastu tips.