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Home Plan

Design your Dream House according to VASTU

Ideal Home Plan according to Vastu

Main Entrance:

According to vastu the Main Entrance should be in East, which brings Positive Energy in House. But here, our plot is facing East-South direction and as per Latest Construction Modules the Houses and Adjoining, so we have to make the Entrance in Center, which is also a Good Direction.


The second most important area is Kitchen, which should be in East-South Direction. Hence we placed Kitchen in East Corner and Window towards East-South Direction called ‘Agni Kon’.


According to vastu the Bedroom is third most important area and should be in West-South Direction. So our bedroom is in West, heading the Bed towards West-South Direction. When we sleep in this direction, our body get more relaxed and mind get Positive Energy.

Wash Room / Toilet:

Because of its nature of Drain-Out waste particles, it is important to be in West-North direction. Therefore we have placed Toilet in North.

Prayer Room:

Since it is a small Plot area, we don’t have much space for Prayer Room, you can arrange this in Kitchen only, because East-North Direction is best for Prayer Room i.e. ‘Eshan Kon’.

Drawing Room and Dining Room has no much importance in Vastu Shastra, you can adjust these as per your requirements.