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Pisces / Meena Rashi

Master Planet : Jupiter / Guru

Di, Dee, Du, Doo, Tha, Jha, Ja, Ana, De, Day, De, Do, Dau, Cha, Chi, Chee

Which facing house is good for Meena Rashi (Pisces)?

Meen Rashi individuals are exceptionally fortunate in South-confronting houses. Woman Luck favors them and they get unforeseen riches or development invocation.

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  • This Rashi comprises of the last charan of Poorvabhadrapada, complete Uttara-bhadrapada and Revti Nakshatras. The persons under this sign have good qualities like truthfulness, innocence, logical thinking and love for mankind.
  • Pisces are dwarf-heighted, have small parts of body and beautiful nose, and are lazy by nature but versatile, ardent lovers of pleasure, good writers. Pisces easily trust people. They have simple life. They face dangers in early life and are sometimes courageous and at times timid.
  • Pisces develop friendship with leading and popular people. Pisces do work after meticulously pondering over matters and issues. Pisces drink more water. Pisces commonly become popular because of their easygoing nature. Pisces tend to be more emotional rather than rational.
  • Pisces have limited concentration and will power. Pisces are gifted with commanding and impressive personality. Pisces sensibly divide their time between work and rest. Pisces are idle and careless, sometimes dishonest in their dealings. Pisces are afraid of sins. Pisces have good speculative power.
  • Pisces earn large sums all of a sudden in life. Pisces are calm and cool by nature and earn by dint of their own efforts in life. Pisces travel a lot and have many children.
  • Pisces are unprejudiced, frank, tolerant, quick-witted, practical, intuitive and imaginative. Pisces inherit property but face litigation, sometimes of disputes in the process of inheritance. Pisces are patients of arthritis, stomach ailments, heart and eye diseases.
  • Pisces start earning at 20-21 years of their age. Special care in these Years: 8, 13, 36, 48. Lucky Years : 6, 12, 24, 39, 56