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Vastu For Buildings

How can these Vastu Energy Plates solve one’s problem and render a peaceful life? Let’s take a detailed study on what all aspects these plates can benefit the individuals. Before the flooring is laid, these plates are to be used and is about 8*8 inches* 10mm thick.

Also, it comprises a pair of plastic plates amongst which an energy pad is shaped and is covered with aluminum coil all around. Once the base is ready for laying granite or tile flooring, one plate has to be laid in each room’s corner. Hence, four plates are needed and only living and bed rooms are to be considered.

However, it is not much required in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. After placing the plates, cement layer can be covered before laying a floor tile or slab. Thus, the rooms with those plates get wrapped with a pyramid field and all the benefits of such energy are installed.

Vastu Tips for Building

  • Is there an Energy Plate for Health & Harmony? Of course, ‘Yes’! For several years the ‘Swastika symbol’ had been a course of study by the scientists. As per an estimate, it releases millions of Bovis units of energy while comparing to human with just 6500 Bovis. Mostly, the symbol can be seen in front of temples and houses. This symbol reflects a candle that is not lit and it has to be ‘ignited’ to make it uncover the energy. Also, it symbolizes to bring happiness and good luck. It can be placed exactly opposite to the main door on the walls or may hang it close to Northeast corner where it is easily visible. Greater differences can be realized that can brighten one’s life.
  • Where can an energy plate for Martial bliss or getting children be fixed? This plate can hanged in the bed room towards one’s feet and this plate particularly suits for the couples seeing into martial happiness and kids. The symbol is a power symbol of large creation and it depicts the female egg and the male sperm.
  • There are energy plates for growth and wealth separately. Both of them are most suited in business places and the former symbolizes letter’T’ and signifies growth, construction, bright career and advancement. Again, both are made powerful by red color and can be hung on the walls of the office at a height of 7 feet.
  • Hence, these Vastu Energy plates can brighten one’s life by fitting them exactly in the places where it needs to be fixed. This results in the happiness and prosperity of the individual as well as the surroundings.